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The Collective

Collectif Malunés is a Franco-Belge circus company founded in 2009. Born from the insatiable desire of it’s members to enrich themselves artistically on stage and on the street, whilst simultaneously following a higher education programme in circus arts in Tilburg (ACaPA). Four young artists — 3 Flemish, and one French — formed this collective, overflowing with ambition and energy.

2010 saw the first tour of the street show Sens Dessus Dessous in Flanders and the Netherlands.

In 2011 it was competition prizewinner at the international street arts festival MiraMirO (in Ghent) with the Grand Prix du Jury and the Prix du Public.


In 2012, the show crossed the borders of Spain.

Then in 2013, finally having left school, the show responded to high demand and was taken under the wing of renowned agency Frans Brood Productions. The tour dates tripled and the collective continued further afield to England, France, Lithuania, Austria, but also continued to touch Belgium & the Netherlands.

In 2014 the show again had great success in Spain, England, Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

In 2015, the show Sens Dessus Dessous toured for it’s last year, to leave space for the creation of a second show which begun in October of 2015, taking place under the roof of a Big-Top Tent in the colour of Bordeaux — like the beautiful archaic caravan of the companies origins.


For the new creation, the Malunés family grows and consists of Simon Bruyninckx, Juliette Correa, Arne Sabbe, Lola Devault-Sierra, Nickolas Vancorven, Luke Horley, Gabriel Larès, Arjan Hendrickx, Alex et Laetitia Chrome, Melinda Mouslim, Emma Auzanneau, Dominique Bettenfeld, Claude Couffin, Charlotte Peyskens, Charlotte Duchamp, Micheline Bruyninckx.

The desire is to create a second show: rich, fresh, honest, touching, funny, absurd and delicate.


Melinda, Fairy of finery and metamorphoses, with the glint of a needle and flurry of thread she will render you unrecognisableWe are interested in researching the falls, the failures, and the indispensable elements of security (using safety ropes and landing mats), as equally in our technical research as our working methodology. All this without excluding the necessity of solidarity and the working habits of a familial group; an emphasis on the collective force.

The idea is to create a collective art and a shared experience. A risky price: honest, physical and real. The circus, and above all the nomadic circus (given the presence of the tent), modifies the urban landscape of a city; gives a new dynamic where people can come and see a show, close to home, where all different social backgrounds intertwine and exchange.


Photos & Videos Photos - 'Forever, Happily...' creation 2015-2016
Trailer - 'Forever, Happily...' creation 2015-2016
Forever, happily... 2018
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Forever, happily... 2017
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COLLECTIF MALUNES Juliette Correa +33 (0) 6 95 41 42 79 Simon Bruyninckx +33 (0) 6 64 15 71 74 TOUR MANAGER Anne-Agathe Prin-Waerenburgh+336 43 36 75 12 ADMINISTRATION Eugénie Fraigneau +33 (0)6 13 98 08 64
TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Alexandre Ollèac +33 (0) 6 81 52 29 86 TENT HIRE Nickolas Vancorven +33 (0) 6 95 13 39 89
Tent Hire Collecif Malunés offers you it's new Big-Top for every kind of event. Marriages, baptisms, concerts, funerals, exhibitions, festivals, shows… The Big-Top Structure: 2 poles connected by an arch, 4 cornices Height: 10m from the cupola Canvas: Burgundy inside and out Working surface: 570m^2 Capacity: 1200 people Seating: 500 places Stage: Round flooring, diameter of 10,50m. Situated in the round. Surface: anchoring of big-top = 35x35m. Plan half perimeter of security of 4m after stakes Please ask for a quotation adapted to your request.

Subsidies Vlaamse Overheid (BE)

Subsidies Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - DGCA (FR)

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With help from Cirque Gones (FR), DOK (BE), Le Sirque - Nexon (FR), Cirque en scéne (FR), Circolito (BE), Seachangearts (UK), Bastid'Art (FR), Agora - Boulazac (FR)